How to Download and Use Actions

Download and Use Photoshop Actions

What are photoshop actions?   When a person is editing a photograph in photoshop, they go through a number of processes to get to the image they want.  Sometimes these steps are saved into a palette called “Actions.”  This makes it easier on the photographer to later apply those same processes to multiple photos, simply and easily.
Some of these photographers have made their actions available for download so the rest of us can apply them sort of like a filter.  You just download it and click on the action in photoshop, and BAM!  Beautiful vintage, black and white, or romantic images.  There’s millions of these actions, and this is a great place to find the best ones.
How to Download:
-Click on the link provided in this page (most are free)

-Download to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Photoshop Actions
-Unzip file to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Photoshop Actions
Load Photoshop Actions:
-Launch photoshop

-Open your image and go to Window Tab at the top, click on the Actions.

-click on the little arrow button on the top right corner and select “Load action”

-Look for the ATN file you just saved, load it and then press “Play”

Sit back and watch the fun!